CalDyn Manufactures Vibration Isolation & Seismic Restraint Products

Since 1966, CalDyn has been providing quality vibration isolation and seismic protection products for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment. Furthermore, because CalDyn is committed to earthquake protection and noise control, our customers realize the benefits of using CalDyn vibration isolation & seismic restraint products.

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In addition, CalDyn has done extensive work with OSHPD, Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and other governmental agencies to obtain pre-approvals of innovative and effective products for the vibration-isolation & seismic restraint industry. For more information about pre-approvals click here.

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JQ Vibration Isolator Restraint
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JQ Vibration Isolator Restraint Video
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Earthquake Activity Map
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JQ Isolator/Restraint Shake Table Testing
Video, Clark Laboratories, May 2010

The Truth About IBC & CBC

Seismic certification: Is shake table testing required?
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